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Here you can find all the information about Free Minecrafts Patcher and how to get Minecraft Premium accounts. Find out what patcher is, what it does, and how to use it. Learn if is it safe and why I am showing ads. You can find download links at the bottom.


What is patcher?

Patcher is an application that allows you to get Minecraft Premium accounts for free by using the encrypted code you receive from the website. Note that there is no harm in using this application that we made.


How can I use the Patcher application?

FreeMinecrafts Patcher Application's icon
FreeMinecrafts Patcher Application’s image

1- First, you need to download the Free Minecrafts.exe file from the link I gave at the bottom of the page.

2- You should go to the homepage of the website and click on the “Get Accounts Now” button. After a while, your Minecraft Premium account will be created and you will be directed to another page. Copy the encrypted Login Token text.

Patcher's main screen
Patcher’s main screen

3- In case the application is not opened, click on the Free_Minecrafts.exe application created on the downloads folder of your computer and open the application.

4- Run the application and paste the Login Token that you copied from the site into the text box in the application. Then click on the “Patch” button.

5- Open original Minecraft Launcher that you downloaded previously and click on the “Play” button. If you haven’t downloaded it, download it from the link I gave below.


Is it safe to use?

There is absolutely no harm in downloading or using Minecraft Premium accounts. Program does not contain any malicious software or degrade your computer’s performance. In case you still don’t trust it, I leave the virustotal link below. 4/72 clean

I do not know why 4 programs have the low possibility of a virus. Anyone can read the codes of program with .Net Reflector. I did not use any encryption or compression process.


Why am I showing ads?

In order to offer you this gratis Minecraft Premium account distribution service properly without interruption, we need to display ads on the site. Therefore, I search for the most harmless ads I can get and add them to my site. If you have a problem with ads or receiving Login Token, feel free to comment.


Download Links

Free Minecrafts.exe download link 1 (Mega):

Free Minecrafts.exe download link 2 (Google Drive):

Original Minecraft Download link:

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Press “Keep” to download file if you see this error!


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